Legal services

Civil law

– legal analyses

– preparation and annotation of civil contracts (purchase contracts, deeds of gift, loan contracts, back-up contracts, transfer of rights for security purposes, cession of claims and others)

– comprehensive legal service related to transfer and lease of real estates, representation before the cadastral body included

– succession proceedings – related representation

– family law

– ownership rights – related issues

– undivided rights of spouses (agreements, settlement of undivided rights of spouses)

– representation of legal and natural persons in proceedings in front of the court and other state bodies

– comprehensive in-court and out-of-court debt recovery, distraint orders included

Commercial law and Corporate law

We provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive legal advice, in particular:

– legal analyses

– preparation and annotation of commercial contracts

– counselling and direct participation in business negotiations

– representation of entrepreneurs before the court and other state bodies

– comprehensive processing of establishment documents of business companies

– establishing business companies

– transfers of business shares, stock, etc

– preparation of general shareholders meetings

– modifications of business companies and their entry into Commercial register

– increasing and decreasing of registered share capital

– erasure from Commercial register

Labour law

Labour law

– labour law agenda of entrepreneurs

– preparation and annotation of employment contracts and other labour law institutes

– labour law related counselling

– labour law disputes – related in-court representation

Municipal law

Individual municipalities are a specific client of our law firm. We deliver complex legal counselling regarding their operation and function, for example:

– preparation and annotation of contracts

– legal advice regarding procurement

– creation and annotation of generally binding regulations and other legal acts

– legal representation in court and other authorities

Administrative and Financial law

Administrative and Financial law

– administrative justice – related representation of citizens and legal persons

– legal analyses

– representation before state administration bodies and municipality authorities

– building permission proceedings – related counselling and representation

– law violation proceedings – related representation

– representation in tax proceedings

Consumer law

Regarding the consumer law, we principally provide entrepreneurs and individuals (non-entrepreneur) with following legal services:

– legal analyses

– legal representation in courts, enforcement proceedings and other authorities

– cessation and postponement of enforcement proceedings

– preparation of consumer contracts

– assessment of terms and conditions of contracts

– proceedings for extradition of unjust enrichment

– legal services regarding consumer protection

Criminal law

Criminal law

– comprehensive legal consultancy and criminal issues-related counselling

– representation of the accused in the pre-trial proceedings

– representation of the accused in the judicial proceedings

– representation of aggrieved parties and application of indemnity in criminal proceedings

Debt collection

Our law firm puts a great emphasis on legal services regarding complex debt collection procedures from debtors, including:

– extrajudicial methods (e.g. contacting the debtors, settling installment agreements etc.)

– judicial proceedings

– enforcement proceedings (executions)

Constitutional law

Constitutional law

– legal analyses of fundamental rights and freedoms

– representation in proceedings connected with complaints to the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

– representation in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights and the courts of the European Union.